About Vita

We are a non-denominational charity that offers:

  • education – parenting and life skills workshops in the community to strengthen the bond between parent and child.
  • one-to-one counselling – at our Centre and as outreach
  • public education and awareness through public speaking events and on various Peel Region committees.



Vita Centre is dedicated to excellent support, education and counselling for pregnant and parenting youth.


To achieve a community where youth can make a choice for life, even in undesirable circumstances, and they will be accepted and supported; allowing positive outcomes for their child.


  • We respect the dignity of each person as reflected in the diversities of sex, religion, culture, race, creed, colour, national origin and personality
  • We believe that providing opportunities will enable each person to reach full potential in the areas of social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth
  • We believe in the central role of the family in nurturing human life and society
  • We believe that when an individual receives support from a caring, loving community, they  can use that strength for their own benefit and that of their child