Me, My Baby, Our World


This is a free interactive parenting program that is offered in 12-week sessions to young parents with children up to 18 months of age. The aim of the program is to help you better understand your relationship with your baby. You will learn concepts such as attachment, temperament and being attuned to your baby. The program helps build your confidence as a parent and increases your empathy and sensitivity.


  • Music Circle: Provides opportunity for parent/child interaction.
    Provides opportunity for practice and reinforcement of parents’ sensitive behaviours.
  • Psycho-Education: Active, power based role for participants through discussion, stories, and feedback. Experiential modules, i.e. group, questionnaires, child observation.
  • Scrapbooking: Makes group fun, allows it to end on a positive note
    Reinforces and Individualizes the ideas and theories presented
    for each participant

To register contact: 905-502-7933 xt. 233

Ontario Trillium Foundation